Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back to School: Road bike or Mountain Bike?

Sadly summer will soon come to an end. Many who will be going back to school need to decide the kind of bike they want for the school year. We hope this helps.

Ten reasons to choose a single speed road bike 

over a mountain bike:

1. The road you commute on and your campus are likely paved.  
2. Road bikes have thinner tires. Mountain bikes have fat tires. A thin tire has less surface area in contact with the road. Less contact means less friction and an easier ride. 

3.Speed and acceleration come faster. 

4. More aerodynamic.

5. Your school is in the city and so are the roads. To truly enjoy a mountain bike you first have to get to the mountain. 

5. You look good and feel good on a road bike and it brings a smile to your face.

6. The smile on your face looks good on you.

7. Exclusivity. Who wants to ride a bike that everyone else is riding? Treat yourself special.

8. Image: the simple clean look is aesthetically pleasing. A great fashion accessory.

9. Road bikes(single speed) have fewer components and are priced accordingly. Simple bikes mean fewer parts to maintain. Basically just brakes, tires, and chain.

10. You're back in school. The smart choice is to ride a road bike. Riding road bikes is fun. 

What's the point of being smart if you're not having fun?-Colin Wright

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