Sunday, March 9, 2014

Daylight Savings Time

It is that time again. 
Time to move your clocks an hour forward. 
Unless like me you are in Hawaii. 
Or in Arizona, the only other state that doesn’t observe Daylight Saving time.

In Hawaii all year round the locals run on Aloha or Hawaiian time. 
Some translate that to mean that they run late, but the way they see it is: 
Hey we're in paradise, who needs a clock? 
It’s all good. 
No worry. 
Be happy. 
Things happen when they happen.

That is what I like about single speed bicycles. 
They reflect an attitude. You’re not racing to get somewhere. 
You are enjoying the ride. 
You get there when you get there.

Anyway, how many of you really needed a reminder? With smart phones it happens automatically: 2am suddenly becomes 3am. If no one said anything you might not even notice. With an hour less sleep you might feel tired during the day, or if you ride early in the morning you might be out there before the sun is. If that's the case be sure to turn your lights on so you can see and be seen. Don’t ride ninja-style (without lights), it is just too risky.

People debate about Daylight Saving time. It is an interesting concept. I’ve been in some classes at school where I wish I could turn the clocks forward an hour to get out of class. Then there are other times that I wish I could move the clocks back for an extra hour of time. 

Albert Einstein in explaining relativity said: 
“Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour.
 Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute."

"No Ka Oi" 

It has been a cold winter for a lot of you. I ‘ll bet some of you are wishing you could move the calendar ahead instead of just the clock. Looking forward to some get outside and ride your bike weather. Warmer weather is approaching. I promise. The first day of Spring this year is Thursday, March 20th, just around the corner.  

For now you have to deal with the time change. It is like jet lag. I travel a lot so I have to deal with jet lag often. The trick. Don't fight it. Just accept it. The clocks have changed but you don't have to let the clocks determine your attitude. Don't be like this guy.
Another approach you can take is like Maxine.
 Daylight Saving Time is just something you  deal with. Right or wrong.
 I like the observation made by this old Indian.

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