Saturday, February 1, 2014

2014- The Year of the Horse

(January 31, 2014- Feb. 18, 2015)

Characteristics of those Born in the Year of the Horse
(1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014).

People born in the year of the horse have ingenious communicating techniques and in their community they always want to be in the limelight. They are clever, kind to others, and like to join in a venture career. Although they sometimes talk too much, they are cheerful, perceptive, talented, earthy but stubborn. They like entertainment and large crowds. They are popular among friends, active at work and refuse to be reconciled to failure, although their endeavor cannot last indefinitely. 

Celebrities Born in the Year of the Horse

Rembrandt, Teddy Roosevelt, Sir Isaac Newton, Barbara Streisand, Cindy Crawford, Denzel Washington, Harrison Ford, Jackie Chan, Jerry Seinfeld, John Travolta, Oprah Winfrey, Paul McCartney, Ashton Kutcher, Katie Holmes, Kobe Bryant, and Genghis Khan.  (Pretty good company I think)

General forecast for the year

2013 was the year of the snake. For most it was not a good year. The year of the horse is forecast to be much better. Luck seems to be the main theme from the forecasts I have read. Everyone should get some lucky breaks this year, or at the very least have less bad luck. Haha. Forecasters always cover their bases when making predictions. So you’ll either be lucky or not as unlucky as you might have been.  I’d say approach things this year as if luck is on your side, but also be sure to use your common sense and strive to create your own luck.

Horse or bicycle?

When bicycles were first invented they were seen as an alternative to the horse.  I thought it would be fun and timely to compare the two.  
Bicycle pros are that they are cheaper, easier to maintain, can be kept anywhere (even indoors), don’t get tired (though they can get worn out), don’t have to be fed, don’t poop, smell, or attract flies.
Horse Pros are that they have brains (which may prevent you going where you shouldn’t), they are able to reproduce, they provide manure for your garden and they can reciprocate your love.

Academic argument for bicycling:

 “Pedal power uses the most powerful muscles in the body: the quads, hamstrings, and calves. When pedaling in a circular motion at sixty to eighty revolutions per minute, with the use of toe clips, almost every muscle in the human legs can be used to make energy. Ninety-five percent of the exertion put into pedal power is converted into energy. The average rider at a continuous road speed of twelve miles per hour can produce a quarter horsepower, or enough energy to light two, one hundred-watt light bulbs." -David Gordon Wilson- Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT.
I’ve made my choice.
 I choose to ride a bike.
The bike I choose to ride is a Fixie.

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