Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Keeping it simple

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Dokochari customized japanese bike

Dekochari - customized bikes in Japan (perhaps inspired by the following poem)


Michael built a bicycle unsuitable for speed,
it's crammed with more accessories,
than anyone would need.

There's an AM-FM Radio,
A Deck to play Cassettes,
A Refrigerator-Freezer,
and a pair of TV sets.

There's shelves for shirts and sweaters,
And hangers for his jeans,
A drawer for socks and underwear,
And a rack for magazines.

There's a fishbowl and a bird cage perched upon the handlebar,
a bookcase,
and a telescope to watch the moon and stars.

There's a telephone,
A blender,
A stove to cook his meals,
A sink to do his dishes somehow fastened to the wheel.

There's a portable piano,
A set of model trains,
An automatic bumpershoot that opens when it rains.

There's a desk to do his typing on this fabulous machine,
A stall for taking showers,
And a broom to keep things clean.

But you'll never see him ride it,
for it isn't quite complete,

Michael left no room for pedals,
And there isn't any SEAT

Baseline Bicycles takes a “less is more” approach to bicycle design, 
keeping our bikes simple and clutter-free.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"- Leonardo da Vinci

Our video response to Michael’s Bicycle can be seen here:  

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